Garage Floors

Need Your Garage Floors Painted?

If we had to pick a part of the house that doesn’t get enough love, it would probably be the garage floor. Every year it’s wise to give it a once over with the epoxy and some fresh paint to ensure that it is really up to presentability.

If you need to understand what we’re talking about, give us a call. We’ve been working on garage floors for several years and are at the forefront of garage floor mastery.

Color Consultation

One of the most important touches that we can provide is to give a color consultation. Many people will have an idea of how they want a house to be painted and often we will comply. But we will always give an alternative look or opinion for you to mull over before we begin our work.

Garage Floor Painting

The first thing we will do is scrub the floor completely to rid as much dirt and debris from the floor as possible. Next, we will find the applicable paint coating for the floor and layer it on there evenly. Finally, we touch up the paint with a layer of epoxy to give it that buffed shine and depth that is irresistible to the eye.

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