Color Consultation

Do You Need a Color Consultation?

For many people trying to figure out the next step in their house remodeling project, color consultations can come quite in handy. With Interior Design constantly evolving, it’s hard to determine whether or not you should decorate your house for the now, for the future, or just do your own thing because it’s your house, who cares?

With our help, we can assist you in making this decision. We are some of the best painters in your area and have tons of years of experience in the field. We have helped countless businesses and homes alike with the painting and interior design of their buildings, so give us a call today.

Aesthetics and Styling

The first thing that we will do during our sit down is established the style or aesthetics you are trying to go for. Some of the most common questions would be what is the purpose of the room and what are you trying to convey, to find a style that best matches that.

Color Choices and Schemes

Next, once we’ve determined styling and aesthetics, it’s time to find the best color choices and schemes. Whether or not you want to do a 2-color or a 5-color scheme will drastically change the layout of the home.

Texturing and Faux Finishes

When we’ve found the style and the colors, it’s time to find the execution. Will you want to use textures to achieve the desired effect? (Like raised, concrete texturing for a home theater).

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